The Story

The village of Monteggiori has ancient Etruscan origins – its layout is in the shape of a fish, harking back to the Hellenistic tradition of the Acropoli.

The main piazza is where everyone gathers to meet and chat, and it´s there you find the “Tre Terrazze” Restaurant. The restaurant was founded by Viviana Viviani and was, for decades, a home of good food and good times. She was a character, and hosted some of the characters of the 70s-80s Versilian in-crowd.

Her personality still emanates that shiny spirit that was the Italy of Mina and Federico Fellini; she was known as “la mamma” – that´s how they called her in Le Figaro – and the culinary tradition she established then, lives on today.

One generation later, and it´s her nephews who welcome you with the best Monteggiori family traditions.